Refurbished French Horns

Here is a Horn ready for assembly. Most Horns placed on my web site have been completely taken apart and thoroughly cleaned in my shop. When any major dents, broken braces, re-solder needs, or other repair issues come up, the Horn goes to my local Repair Tech. Occasionally, I locate a Horn that has been adequately cared for by a professional repair technician and needs little or no additional cleaning . In these cases, I will clean and list these Horns without taking them completely apart. When I completely disassemble a Horn, the first step is to re move any grease. Then, the Horn and it's parts are dipped into an EPA approved solution to remove any grime, biological, or metallic residue which can build up after years of use. Next, all parts are given a warm soapy bath, scrubbed inside and out, then flushed thoroughly with clean fresh water. All the ends of the tuning slides are polished removing stubborn buildups, providing a smooth surface, making tuning easy. Each rotor and back bearing is gently polished. Professional lubricants and tuning slide grease is applied when the Horn is re-assembled. New strings are added, and bumpers replaced if necessary, to provide proper rotor alignment.   The interior of each Case is vacuumed and shampooed as needed. The outside is cleaned and painted if necessary. All latches are cleaned and repaired and handles replaced as needed. Finally each Horn is play tested by me and fine tuned. Every effort is made to assure each Horn is clean and concert ready, providing the buyer with confidence in their purchase. This "Process" adds value; making it unnecessary to pay a shop extra to clean or repair it.