Reconditioned French Horns


Hello and Welcome to my web site.

My name is Jim North

I have played the "Horn" since the 8th grade. I've always loved the Horn and love to play it.​

I am a member of The Southern Crescent Symphony Orchestra; The Peach Tree Wind Ensemble, The Atlanta Horn Club;

The Son's of Jubal Choir and Orchestra; Jubal Brass and a Graduate of the Conn-Selmer Institute.

 Please take a moment and review my website. My mission and hobby for the past 20+ years has been to encourage students and adults alike, to keep up their interest in the French Horn.

"Horns" can be very expensive. Many of today's new Professional Horns are showing prices of $5000 + and Intermediate level Horns, $3000 +

While local music stores discount these prices, it is still difficult for many families to afford a new Horn. And it isn't always necessary to buy a new Horn, in order to have one suitable for Middle, High School; or, even College applications. Therefore, my mission has been to locate, restore and offer good used affordable

"Double" Horns.    

There are Horns manufactured here in the USA by Companies that students and  many Band Directors may not always be familiar with. Some of these Companies have gone out of business. However, they built Horns when quality ranked ahead of profits. Many are in still in great shape, desirable and still sought after.

I spend hours researching and locating Horns that may be "used;" but, not "used up." After they have been repaired and cleaned, I showcase the ones I feel will provide good service. My Horns may show signs of  use; but, I strive to offer a mechanically

sound Horn, concert ready. This gives the new and unsure buyer confidence they have found a Horn that will perform well and is worth the value.

To view the Horns I have "For Sale," Or to see my 
"Restoration Process" and "Terms"; please, click on the links above.

For additional information on any of these Horns, email me at and please use "THL" and then "Your Name"  in the "Subject Line." 

Re-Visit my SITE    often, as I frequently add additional Horns.